Vulcan’s Vault

Vulcan’s Vault allows for card rental in Berserk and is also the portal in which we sell cosmetics, booster packs and other NFTs! You can turn your NFTs into yield bearing assets by locking your cards in fixed term smart contracts and earn a portion of all profits from Vault Purchases.

Berserk Game Pass

Buying a berserk game pass is your ticket to premium berserk features!

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Berserk Booster Pack

Consists of 24 cards, with 10k editions each. Each booster pack will contain 5 NFT Cards randomly selected from the 24 cards.

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Types of Pools

Choose a Pricing Plan

To rent out your land on the Cedalion Marketplace, Vulcanites and join Vulcan Vault pools you need to choose a plan that best suits you. This will be a one time charge.

You can also upgrade your plan anytime in the future.

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